Empathy Day

Empathy Day – June 9th 2019

“Empathy is a vital human force which has come into sharp focus during the pandemic. Right now, we’ve never needed it more.

The good news is that it’s a skill you can learn, and Empathy Day on June 9 aims to help everyone understand and experience its transformational power. It looks forward to a future society in which empathy is much more central.

 The day focuses on using books to step into someone else’s shoes. Scientists say that we can train our brain with stories – the more you empathise with characters, the more you understand other people’s feelings.” Empathy Lab


Click on the links and images for further information about the day and to access the Family pack which includes 14 activities for the whole family.

Family Activity Pack, Empathy Day (F)

Media Kit Empathy Day 2020